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Wilmot Mountain Terrain Parks

Gather your buddies and grab your gear and head out to the Wilmot Mountain Terrain Parks. The new expanded progression terrain parks will offer unique and innovative features designed and created by terrain park staff at Vail Resorts’ western resorts, as well as the addition of a new high-speed rope tow to enable skiers and snowboarders to spend more time in the terrain park.


The Gully:

The Gully Terrain Park is nestled in between Chair 6 and Chair 7 and is accessible by both chairlifts.  In this terrain park you can expect to see hips, bonks, and inovated off camber rails and boxes.


  • 2 Disco Boxes
  • Down Box
  • Flat Box
  • Wire Spool
  • Flat Down Rail
  • Down Flat Bar
  • Battleship Rail
  • 4in Round Bar
  • Spine Stall


The Rope:

The Rope Terrain Park sits on the edge of the Ski & Snowboard area and has tons of room for adventure.  This terrain park is accessible by Chair 7 and the new double high speed rope tow.  Here you can expect longer rail jumps, stair sets, and constantly evolving inovative features.


  • Rainbow Donkey
  • 8in Round Bar
  • 6in Down Bar
  • Rainbow Rail
  • Down Flat Down Flat Down
  • Down Donkey
  • Flat Down
  • 2 Handrails
  • Flat Down Transfer Rail
  • Down Flat Down Creeper Box
  • Multi Feature Stariset Plaza
  • Shark Fin
  • Waterfall
  • Pyramid Stall
  • Wall Ride
  • Z Rail
  • Elbow
  • Down Flat Down
  • 1 Large Jump



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