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Wilmot Mountain Beginner's Area

Are you still new to skiing or snowboarding, or looking to take a lesson?  Just need to warm up a little before hitting the chairlifts?  The beginner area is a great place to start at Wilmot Mountain with a variety of options for all ages.  The beginner's area is the entire area south of the rental, admin, and Snow Sports School buidlings.


Riglet Park:

This area is specifically used for the Burton Riglet lessons (snowboard ages 3-6).

Learn more about Burton Riglet lessons here.


Turtle Area:

The Turtle Area is located out front and just south of the Snow Sports School.   The grading on this hill is quite easy and great for first timers.  It inclued the Turtle carpet lift.

Most beginner lessons will meet in this location.


Bunny Area:

The Bunny Area is the southernmost part of the Beginner's Area.  It includes the Bunny carpet lift and the grading here is at more of an incline than the Turtle Area.  This is a great step up before you start getting on the chairlifts.


Looking for lessons?

Check out our lessons pages.  Lessons for all ages 3+.