Frequently Asked Questions

Determine Your Ability

Determine Your Ability


Level 0 - Never skied before.

Level 1 - Walking, sliding, and starting to turn.

Level 2 - Linking turns, speed control, and stopping.

Level 3 - Comfortable and controlled on green runs, rides chair.

Level 4 - Steering and matching skis on blue terrain, introduce poles.

Level 5 - Consistently skis in control and parallel stance on blue runs, hockey stops.

Level 6 - All mountain skier, skis controlled and parallel on advanced terrain.



Level 0 - Never snowboarded before.

Level 1 - Balance, maneuver and stop on beginner terrain.

Level 2 - Learn to turn & control speed. Conveyor lifts on green terrain.

Level 3 - Link turns using feet & legs. Explore turn shapes. Ride the chair lift.

Level 4 - Begin to carve turns & try basic tricks.

Level 5 - Carving & surface tricks with some air.

Level 6 - Advance all skills. Explore the bumps, carving, racing & terrain park.