If you have never rented equipment at Wilmot Mountain, take a look at our step by step instructions to help you through the whole process!

*If you are taking a lesson, go to the Snow Sports School first and not to the ticket windows or rentals.


Purchase Your Rentals

Whether you purchased your lift ticket online or not, if you need to purchase rentals, head to the outdoor ticket windows/indoor guest services desk to purchase ski/snowboard/helmet rentals.  (Outdoor windows only open on weekends and holidays)

If you purchased a ticket online and just need to purchase rentals, there is a specific RENTAL EXPRESS line.  Go there to cut down on your time in line. (Only available weekends and holidays at outdoor windows)

Our ticketing staff will give you your Rental Form.  A separate Rental Form will need to filled out for each person renting equipment.

Head to the Rental Building

Once you have your Rental Form, head across the plaza area and into the main doors of the Rental/Walt's Tavern building.  Rentals is located DOWNSTAIRS.

Rental Entrance












Fill Out Rental Forms

Your first step once you arrive in the Rental Building will be to fill out your Rental Forms.

Step 1 Forms














Get Boots

Once you have your forms filled out, head to the self service boot racks to get your ski or snowboard boots.

Step 2 Boots






At the end of each boot rack, you will find numbers listing the sizes you will find in that isle and rack row.  If you are unsure of your boot size or how to get the boots on, find one of our Rental Technicians who can help you properly fit your boots.





Boot Racks And Sizes

Staff Help Ski BootsStaff Help Snowboard Boots














Get in Line for Skis/Snowboard/Helmet

Once you are wearing properly fitting boots, get in line at either the ski counter or the snowboard counter, depending on what you are renting.  This is also where you will pick up your helmet rental.

Step 3 Skis Line

Step 3 Snowboards Line











Bring your Rental Form to the Rental Technicians at either location and they will help you size your skis/board based on your weight, height, and the boot size you are wearing.

Sizing SkisSizing Snowboard














Head Outside to get Poles (skiers)

If you are skiing and would like to use poles, head out one of the side doors to the sidewalk.  In between the two buildings, you will find bins of ski poles separated by height.  You will want to pick poles that allow your elbows to be at about a 90 degree angle when the point is in the snow.

Step 4 Ski Poles