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Tubing Hours:

TUBING IS CLOSED for the 2019-2020 season


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 Monday - Thursday CLOSED
 Friday CLOSED
 Saturday, Sunday, & Holidays CLOSED 




NOTE:  Tubing tickets are turned off 24 hours in advance to manage guest flow.  That does not mean that tubing is sold out - you can still walk-up and purchase.  Depending on number of guests, there may be wait times for walk-ups.  







Tickets also available for purchase upon arrival.  2 hour add-on tickets available for purchase at the Tubing Ticket Counter.


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  1. Recommended minimum height for all riders is 42 inches (3 feet 6 inches) tall
  2. You must have a valid tubing ticket to access the tubing hill (included in your tubing fee)
  3. Tubing while impaired or visibly intoxicated will not be allowed
  4. One rider per tube
  5. Up to a maximum of 4 tubes may link up to ride down the hill together depending on lane conditions
  6. Follow attendant’s signal before starting
  7. Immediately leave the run out area and look uphill for approaching tubes before crossing other lanes to exit

What do you need for tubing?

  1. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your reservation time in order to check in, fill out waivers for everyone in your group and watch a safety video.
  2. A tube is provided as part of the ticket fee.
  3. Adults, please plan to accompany your minor children through the registration process and safety briefing whether or not you plan to tube with them.
  4. Winter weather conditions are variable. Please dress accordingly.
  5. Recommended attire includes a waterproof/windproof outer layer, warm boots, hat, gloves and sunglasses or goggles.
  6. Wearing ski boots during tubing is NOT allowed.
  7. Tubing is available in all weather conditions – snow or sun (don’t forget your sunscreen)! And weather conditions may affect track speed.
  8. Snow conditions will determine if groups of tubers (up to 4 tubes maximum may be connected) riding down together will be allowed. For your safety, please follow the instructions provided by the tubing lane attendants.
  9. "WARNING — ASSUMPTION OF RISKS: Under Wisconsin law, each participant in an alpine sport is considered to have accepted and to have knowledge of the risk of injury or death to person or injury to property that may result. Under Wisconsin law, each participant in an alpine sport has the duty to take the precautions that are necessary to avoid injury or death to person or injury to property. Wisconsin law sets forth certain other limitations on the liability of ski area operators for injuries or death to person or injury to property. A complete copy of this law is available for review at the main site where tickets to this ski area are sold."


Winter Activity Waiver - Must be filled out each Tubing Session by all Tubing participants.

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