Terrain Parks


Unique & Innovative Features

Gather your buddies and grab your gear and head out to the Wilmot Mountain Terrain Parks. The new expanded progression terrain parks will offer unique and innovative features designed and created by terrain park staff at Vail Resorts’ western resorts, as well as the addition of a new high-speed rope tow to enable skiers and snowboarders to spend more time in the terrain park.

The Gully
The Gully Terrain Park is nestled in a valley area next to Chair 6. In this terrain park you can expect to see hips, bonks, and innovative off camber rails and boxes.

The Pasture
The Pasture Terrain Park is the area between The Gully and the high speed rope tow and is accessible by Chair 6 and the rope tow. This terrain park is a great step up from The Gully. Expect to have rails, small jumps, rainbows, and much more as you advance!

The Rope
The Rope Terrain Park sits on the edge of the Ski & Snowboard area and has room for adventure. This terrain park is accessible by the far side of the high speed rope tow. Here you can expect longer rail jumps, stair sets, walls, and constantly evolving innovative features.

Progression Park
The Progression Park is located near the bottom of Lift 6. This is a great place for terrain park beginners to get started feeling comfortable on features. This area may sometimes be closed for use by Ski School classes.
Smart Style

Terrain Park Safety

The National Ski Area Association and Burton Snowboards would like to welcome you to the "Smart Style" Terrain Park Safety initiative. This venture has been a cooperative effort to continue the proper use and progression of terrain parks at mountain resorts while delivering a unified message that is clear, concise, and effective. The more people we can educate and get involved to help spread the word, the better.

The Smart Style Program

There are four main messages that as associated with Smart Style:

  • Make a Plan: Every time you use freestyle terrain, make a plan for each feature you want to use. Your speed, approach, and take off will directly affect your maneuver and landing.
  • Look Before you Leap: Scope around the jumps first, not over them. Know your landings are clear and clear yourself our of the landing area.
  • Easy Style It: Start small and work your way up. (Inverted aerials not recommended!)
  • Respect Gets Respect: From the lift line through the park.

For more information, please visit their website.