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Service Description Rates
Full Tune (ski or board) Includes Base & Stone Grind, Edge Sharpen, & Performance Wax $65
Quick Tune (ski or board) Includes Machine Side Edge Sharpen & Quick Wax $36
Quick Wax Universal Temp Machine Wax $17
Performance Wax Manual Application, Iron In, Universal Temp $26
Edge Sharpening Base & Side Bevel $26
Snowboard Mount Includes Binding Mount & Degree Angle Set $15
Ski Binding Adjustment Includes Forward Pressure, DIN Set, & DIN Test $26
Ski Binding Mount Includes Drill, Mount, Forward Pressure, DIN Set, & DIN Test
*Binding manufacturer dependent
Misc Labor/ Service Work Speak to department to identify if they are able to do work requested  $15 per half hour 

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